My Barber Left!!!

You know how long it takes for a barber to finally understand your hairline? Sometimes, it takes a lifetime.

You don’t believe? Take a look at Jamie Foxx…they still haven’t figured out his hairline.

Anyways, the story is, I finally found a barber that would do justice to my hairline. The goal is to keep it growing, but not make it look like it’s growing. Why? That’s a story for another day.

Usually, I have to cut my hair very frequently, so that the trail that the last barber left is still there. But, with my newfound barber, he got it right every time. I could let my hair grow out, and he would still get it right. This was one of those weeks, where my hair was left to be wild. I get to the barbershop, to my surprise, my barber is gone. 

Now, there’s the new guy looking at me like he wants to ruin my life. I explain my cut, which is simple, a 3 step fade. Even if you’ve never heard of it, using common sense you can understand what it means. It’s a fade, that has 3 steps. It starts with 3 obvious steps, then you fade the hair into it. WHY DID HE GET IT WRONG?!?! My Mum used to say “Common sense is not common”, a saying that doesn’t make sense, but we’ll discuss that one another time. I knew I should’ve walked out the moment I saw this dude, his own hair cut looked shabby. Never trust a barber that has a messed up haircut, chances are you’ll have a messed up one too. Now I’m sitting here in hats and caps all day long…waiting for a couple weeks to pass by, so that this hair can be salvaged.

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