No Shave November

I’ve never participated in No Shave November before, maybe because I didn’t really have a beard. I could stay without shaving for a whole month and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The beard is growing steadily now, I don’t know what I’m doing, but whatever it is, it has changed my life. So, I decided to participate in No Shave November.

What is No Shave November you ask? In the month of November, some people decide to let their hair and beard grow wild. This means they save on the money they’d use at the barbershop and for shaving cream, etc. This money is then given to charity. It came about because of how cancer patients lose hair, so this is celebrating the hair we have, whilst donating what we can to cancer patients, cancer wards, hospitals, and cancer research.

You don’t have to have a beard or not cut your hair to participate in the donation. Find a cancer centre near you, you could change one person’s life.

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