No Shave November

I’ve never participated in No Shave November before, maybe because I didn’t really have a beard. I could stay without shaving for a whole month and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The beard is growing steadily now, I don’t know what I’m doing, but whatever it is, it has changed my life. So, I decided to participate in No Shave November.

What is No Shave November you ask? In the month of November, some people decide to let their hair and beard grow wild. This means they save on the money they’d use at the barbershop and for shaving cream, etc. This money is then given to charity. It came about because of how cancer patients lose hair, so this is celebrating the hair we have, whilst donating what we can to cancer patients, cancer wards, hospitals, and cancer research.

You don’t have to have a beard or not cut your hair to participate in the donation. Find a cancer centre near you, you could change one person’s life.

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Sometimes You Lose

There’s a lot of things in life that we compete for and compete in, and we get accustomed to winning. We compete in class, to be the top student, some of us just want good enough grades to get by. We compete in sports, to be the top athlete, some of us just want to do one pushup. We compete to get the life partner we dreamed of, some of us want 700 wives and 300 concubines #Solomon.

But, we never get prepared for one thing, losing loved ones. It’s the toughest thing to accept, and a tough period to go through. Losing in general isn’t fun, I don’t think I know someone who enters a race wanting to be last place. But, losing a loved one, is a race we didn’t enter. It’s a feeling we think we’re exempted from until it hits us. I lost my step-Mum and Uncle in the same week and words can’t express the feelings. I know it’s overlooked when it’s a step-relative, but when you have a good relationship with them, it’s such a misunderstood feeling that you kinda have to keep to yourself.

It’s definitely made me treasure my parents, and do my best to make them proud and enjoy life with them , the ups and the downs. It has also made me more compassionate and empathise with those that have lost parents, and I’m learning day by day that the feeling doesn’t go away. I just that the losses we face through this journey of life, will strengthen us to ultimately win.

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My Barber Left!!!

You know how long it takes for a barber to finally understand your hairline? Sometimes, it takes a lifetime.

You don’t believe? Take a look at Jamie Foxx…they still haven’t figured out his hairline.

Anyways, the story is, I finally found a barber that would do justice to my hairline. The goal is to keep it growing, but not make it look like it’s growing. Why? That’s a story for another day.

Usually, I have to cut my hair very frequently, so that the trail that the last barber left is still there. But, with my newfound barber, he got it right every time. I could let my hair grow out, and he would still get it right. This was one of those weeks, where my hair was left to be wild. I get to the barbershop, to my surprise, my barber is gone. 

Now, there’s the new guy looking at me like he wants to ruin my life. I explain my cut, which is simple, a 3 step fade. Even if you’ve never heard of it, using common sense you can understand what it means. It’s a fade, that has 3 steps. It starts with 3 obvious steps, then you fade the hair into it. WHY DID HE GET IT WRONG?!?! My Mum used to say “Common sense is not common”, a saying that doesn’t make sense, but we’ll discuss that one another time. I knew I should’ve walked out the moment I saw this dude, his own hair cut looked shabby. Never trust a barber that has a messed up haircut, chances are you’ll have a messed up one too. Now I’m sitting here in hats and caps all day long…waiting for a couple weeks to pass by, so that this hair can be salvaged.

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